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Hal Weatherman for N.C. Lieutenant Governor

Meet Hal

I am a husband, father of three, and the Republican nominee for the office of Lieutenant Governor. A native of North Carolina, I received my undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and my Master's Degree from Wheaton College. I am the founder and President of the Electoral Education Foundation, a 501-c3 non profit organization dedicated to advancing election integrity efforts in North Carolina. I served as Chief of Staff to former North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest and former US Representative Sue Myrick. I am a published author and have advised many Conservative candidates and campaigns over the last three decades. I am open about my Christian faith, my love for my family and my call to serve others.

Why I am Running

I am tired of money driven campaigns and candidates who only appeal to the fears and anxieties of our people, rather than their hopes and aspirations. I will run a campaign that paints an optimistic vision for our state and lifts up the people of our state.


I am a principled limited government Conservative - fiscal and social. I believe in our country's founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


I believe all mankind was created in God's image and that our individual rights derive not from man or man-made governments, but are inherently bestowed upon us by our Creator and are worth preserving.




My Vision for the State


Man is meant to work and be self-sufficient. There is dignity in earning an honest day's wage for an honest day's work. Too many people are on the sidelines today, either unemployed, underemployed or frustrated in jobs that have no future of growth and advancement. 


Whole generations have been denied access to the American Dream by an education system more concerned with advancing cultural agendas than by teaching the building blocks of a successful life. Our schools denigrate the ideals of hard work, individualism, faith, thrift, self sufficiency, entrepreneurship, capitalism, home ownership, living within your means, and the Golden Rule. As a consequence, generations of students are left with degrees hardly worth their exorbitant cost and without the skills needed to compete in the global economy.  


My primary goal in seeking the office of Lt. Governor is to use the authority of the office to fundamentally remove the stigma our society has placed on working in the trades. The Lt. Governor serves on the State Board of Education and the State Community College Board of Directors, providing a unique opportunity of influence to advance a new culture in our state that values entrepreneurship, trade work and small business ownership.


North Carolina's apprenticeship program is not well advertised or easily navigated. When elected Lt. Governor, I will streamline the Apprenticeship program and work to give tax incentives to participating companies. North Carolina should be number one in Apprenticeships and I will accept nothing less. 


Likewise, many rural pockets around our state are not benefitting from the rapid economic growth of our state. As Lt. Governor I will go through each line of our state's operating budget and every contract issued by our state agencies and work to make sure we are using our state's huge purchasing power to award contracts and state spending to  homegrown North Carolina companies. The North Carolina state government should "Buy North Carolina", and I will work to steer those contracts to the 75 most rural counties in our state through "Rural Opportunity Zones". 


Agriculture is our state's number one industry, but North Carolina's primary agriculture market is still the fresh market.  With the global population now eclipsing 8 billion people, we have a God given geographic advantage and opportunity to feed the world. With the right investments, our agriculture industry will rapidly make the transition from the fresh market to the global market. I will advocate for investments into our ports (including inland ports and intermodal systems), cold storage facilities, and connectivity between farms and distribution hubs.


North Carolina is a right to work state and I support all efforts to continue this operating philosophy. Low taxes (individual and corporate), a streamlined regulatory system that values customer service, and access to cheap and dependable energy are all crucial to the long term economic success of our state.  


Our emergency management system needs an overhaul. It takes North Carolina too long to rebuild after times of emergency.  We have watched our people in flood and hurricane zones wait years for relief and that must change. During Covid, we waited while our Governor called on the federal government and outside vendors for supplies and resources we needed to deal with the crisis at hand. When I am elected Lt. Governor, I will launch our own Critical Needs Strategic Stockpile before emergencies happen so North Carolina is no longer dependent on any outside source for recovery.


I favor law and order and support our men and women in uniform - military, law enforcement and emergency services. I favor increased access to mental health services for our returning veterans who are contemplating suicide. I will continue recent efforts to seamlessly transfer returning servicemen and women into our workforce by creating certifications to recognize the skills veterans developed in the military. These certifications will count as credits towards a degree from a college or university or as certification in a comparable field.  


I support the Second Amendment and will accept no restrictions on a right that is expressly spelled out in the US Constitution.


I favor armed school resource officers in each and every North Carolina elementary, middle and highschool. There is no excuse for this not currently being the case.  


I support free and fair elections and will continue my work to bring election integrity to  the North Carolina voting system. When elected Lt. Governor, I will embed an election integrity unit within my office to provide continual monitoring of the NC State Board of Elections.  


I am pro-life and will advocate for a "Heart Beat" bill before the General Assembly ending abortion when the heart of the unborn is first detected. As Lt. Governor, I will work to streamline the cumbersome adoption process and push for tax breaks and financial resources for families who adopt. I will support emergency pregnancy health clinics where love and compassion can be shown to women in a time of crisis. 


Finally, I believe a state should honor the contributions, sacrifices and achievements of its citizens. As such, as Lt. Governor, I will push for the creation of a North Carolina Hall of Fame. The Hall will document and celebrate the lives of those who made significant contributions to our state in the fields of medicine, military affairs, business, culture, and government. Induction into the North Carolina Hall of Fame should be the highest honor afforded to our citizens and the intent is for the Hall to serve as an inspiration to North Carolinians to live a life of service.

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